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Idaho TechConnect is a "connector" of IDEAS, people and resources

Our goal is to turn Idaho’s Ideas into Idaho’s businesses.Chemists and biologists have long known that a catalyst is necessary to induce change.  A catalyst accelerates and amplifies the reaction...speeds it up. Innovation does not happen in a vacuum.  Strategy, plans and expertise are required.  TechConnect is a business catalyst - igniting entrepreneurs and companies as they bring innovative solutions to market. Yes, Get Me Started!

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Ideas.  Science.  Research.  Inventions.  How do they get to market?  How are they transformed into products, goods and services? TechConnect is proud to represent a proven methodology and framework to help Idaho entrepreneurs, researchers and scientists achieve commercialization success.



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Idaho is not at a loss for ideas nor in growing businesses.  With approximately $500 million in R&D annually, this money has allowed Idaho to maintain its number one position in patents per capita over the last 5 years. The state leads in the number of net new businesses each year.




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There is no "I" in team. In the early stages of running your own business, it's natural to try to do it all yourself. But as your venture grows and you've maxed out your personal bandwidth, you'll find you just can't oversee every aspect of the business. It takes a great team to be successful and grow a competitive global business.

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The "better" business planning tool to take your idea to market
Monday, October 28, 2013

Replace business plans with a better and more dynamic approach: the systematic design, testing, and pivoting of Business Model Canvases.

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